The demands of work and family have made the more traditional, on-campus model of higher education impractical. We offer high quality, flexible and cost-effective education and thus we encourage you to continue your educational journey with us at E-Campus. IAU has been recognized as one of the top five largest universities by enrollment in the world with the sum of 5 million graduates and 1.7 million students. We invite you to explore our site and find more about IAUEC.


Undoubtedly, the main changes in education took place after the widespread use of the internet. Technological progress and growth has bridged the geographical gap with the use of electronic educational tools that make you feel as if you are inside the classroom. E-learning is an educational tool or system based on a computer that enables you to learn anywhere and at any time. Nowadays, it is mostly delivered via the internet, though previously it was delivered via a mix of computer-based methods like CD-ROM.

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